1. I remember my grandfather as a gentle giant of sorts. He was enormous (look at those legs!), with a booming voice that was perfect for reading to me books about mice. All the best stories about his past involved horses, bears, or epic brawls on the streets of Eastern Utah. He also played drums in a band and had a penchant for satin shirts.


  2. It’s not a vacation until you’ve gone up and paid respect to the mountains.


  3. From the car: Omaha, NE


  4. My favorite spot in the apartment is this kitchen corner.


  5. When in doubt, use a kitchen torch.


  6. Walking Maya Lin’s wavefield last week during a visit to Storm King Art Center.


  7. The Neon Boneyard was the best part of Las Vegas (sorry, Donny and Marie!).


  8. The view from Mount Timpanogos.